Governing Board Members

  • Mrs. Priti Sen, President
  • Mr. Amit Kumar Dasgupta, Secretary, Mr. Amit Kr. Dasgupta was one of CINI’s senior most staff members, involved in programmes, management and policy formulation. With 35 years of experience in social service, he started his career young, as a programme supervisor, and served as Deputy Director of Administration until his retirement.
  • Mr. Partha Roy, Treasurer
  • Dr. S. N. Chaudhuri, Member, Since 1970, when he trained as a paediatrician at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, Dr. Samir Chaudhuri has been committed to treating and preventing malnutrition in children, an effort that in 1974 led him to founding Child in Need Institute – CINI, together with a multidisciplinary team of Indian professionals. He has served as a consultant, researcher and advisor to various national and international agencies in India and other countries of Asia and Africa. His work has been recognized by a number of awards, including the ABP’s Sera Bangali Award (Kolkata, 2013), the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, Global Humanitarian Award (Ellis Island, New York, 2008), the World of Children Awards, UNICEF (New York, 2007), the Italian Parliament Commission for Infants Award (Rome, 2005), the Ross Award, Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research (Calcutta, 1995), the Catherine Freyman Prize in Social Pediatrics, AIIMS (New Delhi, 1970).
  • Dr. Tripti Sengupta,Member
  • Dr. Nupur Basu Das, Member