Our Projects/Programmes

  1. Middle Level Training Centre (MLTC) and Anganwari Training Center(AWTC): Under the Department of Women & Child Development & Social welfare, Govt. of West Bengal, as Anganwadi Training Center is responsible for conducting on job course and refresher training for Anganwadi Workers since 1980 and as MLTC, responsible for conducting training for ICDS Supervisors.
  2. State Training Center for ASHA programme: We are recognized as State Training Center for ASHA programme in West Bengal. Being STC we are providing training to district level ASHA trainers consist of personnel from health department and district level NGOs. We are also providing support to State in preparing training materials, training schedule and others.
  3. District Training Center (DTC) : We are providing training to ASHAs in South 24 Parganas and Howrah districts. Our pools of trainers are providing handholding support to ASHAs for functioning at grass root level.
  4. Other Trainings:
    1. Our trainers provide training and capacity building support to Dept. of Women & Child Development and Social Welfare at state, district and project level, Food & Nutrition Board of different district of West Bengal, as & where required, like, SABALA & IGMSY, MIS, Early Childhood Education, Growth Monitoring, Child Protection, Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices, etc.
    2. Exposure to Students:
      1. Community visit exposure for nursing students from renowned nursing schools, like, AMRI, Calcutta Nursing Training Institute,ESI.
      2. Exposure to Malnutrition Management and Dietetics for the students of nutrition like, M.Sc. students of Viharilal College, Gokhale Memorial Girls College, with Specialized activities and skill development, including using Mid-Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) Tape, calculation of BMI, food consumption through recall method, etc.
      3. Exposure to Community Health and Nutrition for the students of different Universities and Colleges, like Burdwan University, Calcutta University etc.
    3. Providing technical expertise to the international, national, state and local NGOs in capacity building : We are providing technical support for developing training module, manual, different training materials as well as conduction of training of trainers or trainings to the staffs of, Family Planning association of India, Population Foundation of India(for urban programme), SEWA Bharat, Child Fund India, Unicef, Save the Children, etc. The contents for the capacity building are Maternal Health, New Born & Child Health, Family Planning, Nutrition, Communicable and Non-Communicable Disease, Community Mobilization etc. In addition also provides handholding support to the field level trainings / programmes to the different states of India.